Chocolate Cake

This is currently sitting in my office:

Chocolate Cake

I really want to eat a piece.  I ate a small piece yesterday since it was a birthday cake for the boss after all.  I thought I was going to be saved from the temptation of eating more because the boss took the cake home yesterday to share with her family.  She brought it back today.  BROUGHT IT BACK!!!

It’s right here Ray, It’s looking at me.
— Dr. Peter Venkman (Ghostbusters)

 Now I can heard it whispering to me from the back lunch room, eat me, I am delicious and moist and chocolaty.  A Martha Stewart recipe I was told, by the professionally trained chef in the office.  She said that even she was impressed with how well the cake turned out.  Ignoring that face that this hunk of cake is sitting not more than 20 feet away from me is really hard.  Chocolate cake doesn't really fit in with my current diet plan. MUST RESIST.

UPDATE: I resisted!   Borg I will beat you.

Stomach Problems

Have I ever mentioned that I hate my digestive tract? I don’t have major problems like IBS or crohn’s, but I do have a lactose intolerance and my gallbladder has been removed which make digesting some foods more difficult. My lactose intolerance is not super bad any more, I can handle small amounts of dairy without upsetting my stomach (most of the time) however, there are time that my stomach does decide to wreak havoc because I either ate too much dairy, the wrong type or dairy or just because it felt like it.

Last month my stomach decided to become uncooperative to lattes (which I could normally drink without a problem) so I decided for a little while to make the switch to soy milk. I figured it was a lactose free and delicious way to continue having my lattes. Not that long after the switch I started feeling quite bloated and uncomfortable, not really thinking anything of it other than I hate my stomach and the problems it seems to present to me. A few weeks pass and I continue to feel yucky and bloated, and as any person does, I try to self-diagnose myself. Well turns out that I had all the symptoms of ovarian cancer. Not being a hypochondriac I was pretty sure I didn’t have cancer and continued to wonder when my stomach would be happy again. A few more days pass and I end up going a weekend without having a soy latte. Come Monday I realize that I finally feel normal again and was super excited! I grabbed a soy latte at lunch that day and within 30 mins I felt all yucky and bloated again. Something clicked in my brain so back to the internet I went with some more search terms. Turns out that you can have soy intolerance. Sigh…I hate my stomach.

UPDATE: After I posted this blog, my mom told me that I've always been sensitive to soy milk, even as a baby. I guess because I never had soy in large amounts before I just chalked up my bloating to lactose or no gallbladder.