Fun with Cats

As I have previously mentioned in past blog posts, I love my cats.  They are always full of entertainment and continually make me laugh with their antics.  This past weekend they were even more entertaining than usual and I captured two cute and funny video of them.

I had a house guest staying the weekend and as I was making up the bed, Loki thought that he would make sure that the house guest would feel welcomed, and since he's a cat, he did that the only way he knows how, buy covering the freshly made bed in his fur.
Vader has always loved the water, playing with it even as a young kitten.  He would sometimes just hang out in his water dish.  When ever I use ice cubes he comes running to the freezer, hoping to get one to play with.  He is constantly jumping up on the kitchen counter to play with the running water as I'm washing dishes.  Well it was quite hot this weekend and I thought he could use a bit of a cooling down.  I put some water in the bathtub, and well...the rest is on the video.