Happy 150th Birthday Canada

Canada Flag Watercolour

Canada is my home.  I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC and currently reside in a suburb of Vancouver.  I have never lived anywhere else in the world, or even in Canada, but I can say without a doubt that I live in one pretty awesome country.  Today is Canada 150th Birthday.  We are a pretty young country compared to the majority of other countries in the world, but we are pretty awesome too.

No country is perfect, and Canada has had some troubles getting to where we are, but overall, I think that we are pretty great.  There are some typical stereotypes of Canadian people.  Yes, we do apologize to the other person when they bump into us, we do sorry, A LOT (as my Australian partner, Micheal, tells me).  It IS pronounced ZED and not ZEE, unless I'm singing the alphabet, which even to this day I still have to do when I'm filing charts away at work.  Not everyone in Canada likes Tim Hortons, despite this typically heard sterotype (myself included) and Hockey is our national sport, although I prefer Curling.  (Team Gushue from Nova Scotia is the curling team I root for, in case you were curious)

Anyways, this brings me to the entire reason for this post.  I wanted to paint a Canadian Flag because I'm proud to be Canadian and we are celebrating our 150th Birthday this year and there is a lot of excitement around it (it's kind of a big one for us).  So today, I set about making a watercolour painting of our flag.  BTW Free handing a Maple Leaf is pretty hard.

Canada Flag, 150th Birthday

Canada Flag, 150th Birthday