Green Thumb?

I don't have a green thumb.  I have joked in the past that I actually have a black thumb as I managed to kill almost every single plant that I've owned.  Can a black thumb turn green?  Well I am about to find out.What about the plants I haven't killed you ask, well those plants have been eaten by my cats.

In addition to the plants I've tried to keep alive at home I also have the task of trying to keep orchids alive at work.  For anyone who know anything about plants should know that orchids are notoriously had to keep alive, let alone flowering.  I've tried everything, watering, not watering, ferterlizing, not fertalizing, putting in the sunny window, keeping it shaded.  Nothing I do seems to keep the plants alive longer than two months.  So once every two month my boss brings me a new orchid to try and keep alive.  Last week for a change we got a Lavender plant.  So far I've watered it once and now a week later it's starting to look a little tired.  I'm going to give it another good water (how much water do these things need any ways?) and maybe put it in the sunny window for the weekend.  It will either be as good as new or dead as a doornail. 

Last year I moved into an apartment that has a nice size balcony that actually gets sun.  All the other places I've lived in previously either didn't have a balcony or didn't get any sun if it did have a balcony.  I've been told that plants need sun?

Now that the weather is getting nicer and I seem to be surrounded by friends with green thumbs I decided to see if my plant killing abilities have abated.  After a "quick" trip to Canadian Tire I came home with two plants. Oregano and Rosemary to be specific as those are my favourite herbs.  I've been told that they are both "hearty" herbs and should put up with a lot of abuse, which is good because I'm likely to forget to water them.  Vader (the cat) really didn't like me being out on the balcony trying to figure out how to get the plants out of their pots and into some new bigger pots (a shovel of some sort would have helped).  Plus I discovered after getting the herbs into their new homes that I didn't have a way to water them.  A big and cumbersome plastic bowl later they were both thoroughly doused with water.  If I manage to keep them alive for more than a few weeks I may pick up some sort of watering contraption.

I'll keep you advised on their well being.

UPDATE: September 8, 2016

The plants are dead.  Like really dead.  Deader then dead.  After just a few weeks they didn't get enough water (for some reason) and shrivelled up into little brown twigs and died.  Their carcass disposed of in a proper garbage can funeral.

I should not keep plants.