Fathomless ~ A Book Review

Fathomless by Greig Beck

The first book I finished in 2019 was Fathomless.  I do consider finishing this book today a little bit of a cheat to count it towards my 2019 read books list since I started and read 89% of the book in 2018, but watcha going to do?

After watching The Meg, one of those good bad movies I love to watch, I kind of felt like staying with the shark theme when I picked out the next book I was going to read.  Searching around the Amazon store on my Kindle late at night, I stumbled upon Fathomless by Greig Beck. It sounded kind of familiar, but also interesting so I decided to give it a whirl.  

Turns out, I had added Fathomless to my TBR list a little while back, no wonder it sounded sort of familiar.  I was glad to randomly stumble upon it again, as I did enjoy this quick and fun read.

The main premise is the lead, Cate Granger,  researching an area of Alaska and looking for a possible underground sea where her grandfather had disappeared many years previously, finds what she has been searching for, and a little extra on the side.

Down into a cave system and then into an underground nightmare out of the prehistoric ages Cate and her lucky band of adventures travel and explore the great depths.  One of these adventures is a rich billionaire from Russia with many enemies.

Chaos ensues and suddenly Cate and her band of adventures come face to face with a giant dinosaur shark, the Carcharodon Megalodon.  Not only battling a shark but also nefarious Russians hell bent on revenge, Cate and crew have to overcome incredible odds to save the day.

Typical shark book, discover a shark, find the shark, kill the shark, however, it was a lot of fun to read.  With some initial underground exploration scenes, Beck, did an amazing job setting up a fantastic world that you can truly visualize.

I enjoyed reading Fathomless by Greig Beck, and while the last third of the book dragged just a little bit for me, I felt that it came to a satisfying conclusion.  If you like good bad movies or shark books or adventure stories, you will enjoy Fathomless.

Funny Enough, when I was about half way through this book, I ended up watching the second episode of Blue Planet II, The Deep.  There is a lot of crazy ocean life deep down. Beck, did an amazing job describing it in Fathomless and while watching The Deep I could easily envision a megalodon swimming down at those depths.