Review ~ Axis (Spin Saga #2)


Axis (Spin Saga #2)
Author ~ Robert Charles Wilson

STOP!!!  SPOILERS AHEAD IF YOU HAVEN'T READ SPIN (SPIN SAGA #1) YET.  Do yourself a favour, read Spin first then come back to this review.

Axis is the mostly direct sequel to Spin.  Thirty years after the events in Spin, Axis finds us on another world, Equartoria.  Linked to Earth by a massive arch in the middle of the Indian Ocean, placed there by The Hypotheticals, humans have started to pilfer this new world of it's natural resources, sending them back to Earth. 

Lise Adams is in Equartoria, investigating the disappearance of her father fifteen years prior when she stumbles across the photograph and an old woman who has loose connections to her former lover, Turk Findley.  Turk agrees to help Lise connect with the woman in the photograph when suddenly ash is falling from the sky.  The ash turns out to be old pieces of the Hypotheticals.  Are they seeding this planet with parts of themselves for some nefarious means or has some massive accident happened in space and the Hypotheticals are dying?

I called Axis a mostly direct sequel because this story does not revolve around the main protagonists from Spin (Tyler Dupree and Jason & Diane Lawton) but rather introduces us to two new protagonists, Lise Adams and Turk Findley.  As I started out reading Axis, I have to admit that I was disappointed that the sequel wasn't going to feature the Tyler, Jason & Diane, I really wanted to find out what happened when they crossed the Arch.  It didn't take me that long to get over the disappointment though as Axis picks up almost right away with the mystery of the falling ash.  While Axis doesn't have the same scope as Spin did, taking place over a few days versus (technically) millions of years, it's still an interesting story.    I haven't read the third book in the series yet (Vortex) but at this point Axis almost seems like it was written to be a bridge between two bigger novels...I hope that does turns out to be the case.  

The thing I liked the most about Axis was that we started to gain a little bit of an understanding about who/what the Hypotheticals are.  The part I didn't like about Axis, we only gained a little understanding about who/what the Hypotheticals are.  While I can't say that I enjoyed Axis quite as much as Spin, it was still an entertaining read.

4 Penguins