Sleeping Giants

Sleeping Giants (Themis Files #1)
By ~ Sylvain Neuvel


Sleeping Giants has been on my to read list for a few years.  All three books in this trilogy have now been released, and boy am I sure glad that I waited because once I finished Sleeping Giants, I immediately downloaded Waking Gods, the second book in the Themis Files series.  It was way past my bedtime, but I didn’t care.

Synopsis ~ When Rose Franklin was a young girl, she discovered, by accident, a giant metal hand that was buried beneath the earth for thousands of years.  Through various circumstances, twenty years later, Rose finds herself tasked with the scientific study and research of the hand, and the discovery of the body the hand belongs to.

Sleeping Giants kept me entertained throughout, from the opening lines right to the end.  It reads as journal entries and interviews to tell the story. I found it to be a unique and interesting way to tell the narrative.  Somehow this form of telling the story, made me feel as if I really got to know the main characters and I am now invested in them and their continuing story.

This book had one of my favourite things going for it that I always hope for when reading.  The desire to read it ALL THE TIME and not put it down. I found myself a number of times continuing to read after getting off the bus, with the book up in my nose while walking down the sidewalk.  My favourite books are the ones I can't put down.

All Systems Red


All Systems Red (The Murderbot Diaries #1)
Author ~ Martha Wells

As I was reading All Systems Red by Martha Wells, I can honestly say that I didn't realize what this book was actually called and I kept referring to it as "the murderbot book".  This was a quick read, written up as a novella, that I very much enjoyed.

In a future, taken over by corporations, a group of scientists are exploring a new world.  The corporations provide security in the form of a company security droid.  

While on a mission, one particular security droid has become self-aware and has hacked it's own governor module.  Referring to itself as "Murderbot" all this unit wants to do is be left alone to watch the soap opera; Rise and Fall of Sanctuary Moon.

I really loved the Murderbot.  While there was no specific gender to the Murderbot, I definitely thought of it as female when I was reading the story.  Full of cynicism and quick wit, Murderbot was a story that I was sad to see end so quickly.  All the Murderbot wanted to do was to be left alone, not interacting with humans and watch soaps.  I think everyone can relate to Murderbot and just sometimes wanting to be left alone, and not worry about working.

Honestly my only real complaint about All Systems Red is that the story was written as a novella.  Usually not my favourite things because I find that the story ends so quickly, or just as you are getting into the characters and situations the story is over.  Well's did a fantastic job writing All Systems Red though.  It is a complete story, and I wasn't left feeling that I was missing something.  I just wanted to read more about Murderbot and it's story.  Thankfully there is a sequel (Artificial Condition) coming out May 2018, which you can pre-order on Amazon.

Review ~ The Memory Agent


The Memory Agent
Author ~ Matthew B. J. Delaney

The first thing I thought to myself as I read the last sentence of this story was, "that was a good book".  The Memory Agent is a fantastic roller-coaster ride of suspense and science fiction and I was entertained the entire time I was reading it, quickly turning pages to find out what happens.  

Roger Parker is a professional prison breaker, skilled at breaking minds out of the virtual reality rehabilitation prison where convicted criminals serve their time. This time Parker and his team head into a virtual reality set in 1950's Manhattan.  With strange visions, mysterious identities and anti-virus programs chasing Parker and his team through this dream reality state, The Memory Agent will keep you guessing right till the very end.

I found the very beginning of The Memory Agent a little confusing as the story starts out in Egypt in 1933.  A group of people are on an archaeological dig and they just discovered the impossible.  As they investigate they are attached by the "Brotherhood of Anubis" and must seek the protection of the dig site.  

To say I was confused with what was happening is an understatement.  This was nothing like what the book-jacket described, and there a legitimate moment where I was seriously contemplated that maybe I received the wrong book.   I figured that eventually the story would start to be more like the description on the book-jacket, and sure enough it was.  Slowly the puzzle pieces start to come together and make some sort of mind-bending sense.  There were also several suspenseful moments when a "monster" is chasing the characters and I still remember my heart beating away in my chest while reading these scenes.   

I enjoyed reading this book, it was sort of like a combination of Inception meet The Matrix meets The Adjustment Bureau.  I enjoyed all three of these movies immensely because of the mind-trippiness of them.  The Memory Agent is right up there with it's mind-trippiness and I was easily entertained as I was reading it, finding it hard to put down at times.  If you like mind-tripy books, you will definitely enjoy reading this story.  The Memory Agent is available on Amazon July 18, 2017.

4 Penguins

I received an free ARC of The Breakdown from 47North via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.