Heart and Brain


Heart and Brain: Body Language
Author ~ The Awkward Yeti aka Nick Seluk

I LOVE The Awkward Yeti.  It is my favourite comic series and I can never get enough of them.  

Heart and Brain are two of the characters from The Awkward Yeti series.  The main series features a blue Yeti names Lars and Nick Seluk created a kind of spin-off series, Heart & Brain.  Featuring Lars's organs.  

This really is the best comic series out there, almost every single comic will illicit at least a smile on my face, if not genuine out loud laughter.  

Heart and Brain: Body Language was awesome to read.  A collection of mostly new comics and a few previously seen classics, I think it was my favourite of the three books Seluk has put out so far.  I love all the organs and their antics and since my gallbladder was removed, I have an extra special fondness for Sad Gallbladder, having even designed and crafted my own Sad Gallbladder cross stitch.

Full of out-loud laughter, Heart and Brain: Body Language imagines what your organs would be like if they had their own personalities.  I was planning on only flipping through a few pages, slowly taking my time through the book, but I just couldn't resist reading the entire thing in one sitting.  

This is one of those books that you will read again and again, always finding new humour in it.