The Book of Ralph

“Drink Diet Coke”

When this message first appears on the moon, everyone believes that Coca Cola has created the most brilliant media campaign on earth...or should I say, the moon.

Unbeknownst to us, Ralph, an alien, is trying to convey an urgent message that Earth is in grave danger.

The Book of Ralph is a mixture of themes.  Initially, the hi-jinks created by Ralph, the alien, are quite humours and made me chuckle, until the story turned a bit more serious with lectures about humanity and war.

This is a tough book to rate because the story itself turned out to be quite different from the description on the book jacket.  I was expecting a humours and lighthearted novel, and it was that, in the beginning. The second half of the book was much darker with the reality of what happens after war.  

Overall I did enjoy reading The Book of Ralph, and the unique story that Christopher Steinsvold wrote, but I found that I wished it was the comedy I was anticipating.  I do recommend reading The Book of Ralph though, it is a very interesting story with some unique insight, just don’t expect a comedic book.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of  The Book of Ralph in exchange for an honest review.