Review ~ Pandemic (The Extinction Files #1)

Pandemic (The Extinction Files #1)
Author ~ A.G. Riddle

Desmond Hughes,  awakens in a hotel room in Berlin, with no memory of how he got there and a dead body on the floor.  The only clue to his past is a hidden phone number with the message “warn her” to Dr. Peyton Shaw, leading epidemiologist for the CDC.  Meanwhile Peyton is on a plane to a small village in Kenya to investigate an Ebola-like outbreak.  

 As the outbreak spreads across the world and Peyton searches for the it's origins, she begins to believe that there is more to this disease than meets the eye and that Desmond may just hold the key to saving millions of lives across the globe.

 I really enjoyed Pandemic,  A.G. Riddle’s most recent novel and I'm looking forward to the upcoming sequels.  This is quite the complicated plot filled with tons of conspiracies and coincidences, but if you can overlook all the coincidences that keep happening it is actually an enjoyable read.  I’ve always enjoyed a good biohazard/pandemic story, even having mild thoughts as a child that maybe one day I'd work for the Canadian equivalent of the CDC or USAMRIID.  

I was engaged with the mystery of the story from the initial prologue right to the last sentence.  Parts of the mystery of the story I was able to figure out prior to the big reveal and other parts of the mystery remained as such until A.G. Riddle revealed them to me. My only major complaint about the story is that there are a ton of characters, and I felt that their stories were sometimes lacking in development despite the fact that Pandemic is 696 pages.  I also felt that then ending seemed a bit rushed, however that didn't disuade me from placing a pre-order for the second book of the series, Genome.