Flapper Pie and a Blue Prairie Sky

Flapper Pie and a Blue Prairie Sky: A Modern Baker's Guide to Old-Fashioned Desserts
By ~ Karlynn Johnston


Another cookbook review you ask?  Well yes, as you know, if you've been reading my Random Musings blog posts, I've been doing a lot more cooking and baking lately as part of my A New Year New Challenge Experiments.  The month of January was filled with researching and purchasing a number of different cookbooks and Flapper Pie and a Blue Prairie Sky was one of those cookbooks.

What is the point in spending money of these various cookbooks without actually reading them?  Yes, I've been actually making my way through the cookbooks I've purchased, reading not only the recipes but the stories provided by the authors.

The reason I purchased this book is solely because of the Flapper Pie recipe.  Prior to stumbling upon this book on Amazon, I have never heard of Karlynn Johnston, her blog The Kitchen Magpie, or her amazing Flapper Pie recipe.  If the only thing I gain from my New Year New Challenge Experiment is the discovery of this Flapper Pie recipe, it will be worth it (note: I've already gained a lot from this experiment, the Flapper Pie is just an extra bonus).

To date I have tried four of the recipes from this book, and all of them have turned out delicious.  Two pie recipes (Flapper and Buttermilk) and two doughnut recipes.  If the rest of the recipes in this book are as good as the first four I've tried, I will have stumbled upon a great find.  Full of Canadian bakes, Flapper Pie and a Blue Prairie Sky is a colourful dessert cookbook with pictures of every bake.  I think that all cookbooks should have pictures of the completed food, don't you?