Married to a Serial Killer

A Review of Stillhouse Lake
Author ~ Rachel Caine

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I started to read Stillhouse Lake.  Turns out I made a big mistake by starting this book at 9pm at night.  Thankfully I was on vacation when I made this mistake, otherwise I would have been extremely tired the next day at work.  It was well after 1am when I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer and had to put down Stillhouse Lake.

Suffice it to say, this book didn't take me long to read because I just couldn't put it down.  I was extra glad that the next morning I didn't have anything to do because I was able to finish reading Stillhouse Lake.  I would call this book a "sit down and read the entire thing in one sitting", type book.  The only reason for my pause was solely because my body couldn't stay awake any longer.

Gina Royal is a typical stay-at-home mother, until one day a car accident changes her life forever.  It is discovered that her husband Mel, is a serial killer.  Killing twelve women in his workshop garage.  The one room in the house Gina never goes.

No one believes Gina when she says that she knew nothing about the murders and after she is acquitted as her husband accomplice she takes her children on the run, assuming false identities and constantly moving around.  All to hide from the hordes of internet folk who are determined to track her down and make her and her children "pay for her crimes."

When they move to Stillhouse Lake, Gina, now Gwen, thinks that this may be a place where they can finally settle down and start to reassemble their lives. All is going well until a body is found dead in the lake, striking an eerily similarity to her ex-husband's victims. Is is still safe to stay in Stillhouse Lake or has one of her ex-husband's "fans" found her?

Stillhouse Lake starts quickly, with a disturbing realization for Gina and the quick pace doesn't stop once during the course of this book.  Fair warning, this is the first book in part of a new series by Rachel Caine.  I didn't feel that this detracted from the story of Stillhouse Lake, however, I'm glad that I knew it was the first of the series, prior to finishing the story.  There is a cliffhanger ending, but as opposed to most cliffhanger endings, I wasn't annoyed that it was there and I found that I was still satisfied with the ending of Stillhouse Lake.

Overall I really liked Stillhouse Lake.  It's been awhile since I've read a "can't put it down" book, and I always find something appealing about these kind of books.  It's like if I don't read the book as quickly as possible it will burst into flames in my hand and become unreadable.

I'd say my main complaint about this story is where did Gina/Gwen learn all her skills on the computer?  As a way to earn money she is a web designer, and slowly building herself quite an online reputation and client base.  Gina/Gwen is a "stay-at-home" mom so did she already know these skills or is this something she learned while on the run?  The real reason this kind of bothered me is because there is so much time spent on the fact that she had to learn how to fire a gun and gun safety.  I'm glad that she is responsible about guns, that's they way it should be if you are to own a weapon.  But computer skills are also something that need to be learned, where did she get them?

Aside from my only complaint, Stillhouse Lake is a heart-pounding murder mystery thriller that you will find hard to put down.  Definitely worth the read.

I received an free ARC of Stillhouse Lake from Thomas & Mercer via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

4.5 Penguins