Review ~ Equus


Equus (Rhonda Parrish's Magical Menageries)

The friend who originally suggested to me that I start to write book reviews managed to hook me up with my very first "official" review.  I was so excited to receive an ARC copy of the Equus anthology from Rhonda Parrish and be given the chance to write a review, but I failed...sort of.

Not every book is for every person, and Equus is just a book that isn't for me.   I will preface this by saying that short stories in general are hard for me to get into.  There have been some short stories that I have enjoyed in the past, but I've always been surprised when I do like them.  For me I find that with short stories, just as I'm starting to get into them, the story is over.  The second thing that Equus had going against it (at least one I discovered as I started to read it) is that I just don't care about horse.  I mean, I like them and I think they are pretty cool and I always go and see the RCMP Musical Ride at the Pacific National Exhibition, but aside from a periphery care for horses, I discovered that I don't really want to know anything more about them.  So my attempt to read Equus and review it made me gain some new knowledge about myself,  horses just are not my thing.

All of the stories I did read/skim through had quite a bit of description of the horses, how they move, the equipment they need the feeling or riding one. I just had a hard time caring about all this description of the horses and their riders. If you like horses I suspect that you would enjoy this anthology quite a lot. It just wasn't my thing and after attempting to read it for the past few months and finding myself dreading picking it up, reading a page or two and then putting it back down, I decided that it would be better to put it down for good and move on.

0 Penguins (with the notation that I would recommend this to someone who likes horses)